Layers of emotional freedom

The interesting thing I am realizing after years of practicing authenticity and vulnerability, and responsibility, and discovering more and more deeper layers as I go that I didn't knew existed. For most of my life I used to think that "being in control" feels safe. And expressing so called "negative" emotions was not safe. It took me going to a couples retreat to being able to get the words out of my mouth and express for the first time what bothered me (to a boyfriend at a time who was actually very loving and receptive). As I did more self-work and healing and stretching my comfort zone, I started expressing all my emotions, but mostly when I knew the container was safe. It also felt much safer when I got triggered to not show it IN THE MOMENT but go away, process it, feel it on my own, and then express it later when it's all clear and calm and not messy. This I felt was a huge upgrade for my emotional freedom and capacity to express myself: from not being able to say things at all to being able to express it fully, even if it was mostly mental and often after the fact. But better later than never, right?

A few weeks ago I got a huge gift and a glimpse of even deeper layers for emotional freedom that I had no idea was possible. But as usual, gifts often come in not very pretty packages. 

Take responsibility. Stop being victim.

Take responsibility. Stop being Victim. That's the slogan that is very popular in the personal development world.

What I am about to write might offend someone, this is not my intention, but I allow your emotions to be what they are and hope you do to :) My intention is to just wake people up to be real with themselves about their choices. You may feel pissed of, or disagree with me, and it's all good and welcome :)

Be responsible. Stop being victim. It sounds awesome. And many people think they do that, and are supper happy about it. They go around life bragging about how awesome they are at it. They own their emotions. They don't blame the world. But there is another level of responsibility people rarely talk about. And that's the most important to me, and the most impactful one.

Want to have more abundance in your life? Read "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D Wattles!

For those of you who have not read the book "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D Wattles, I SO HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Feeling so grateful, and know, I got it exactly the right time and certain things in the book I really needed to hear to get back in the flow of things and stay in steady faith that all my desires will manifest if I think and do in a Certain Way, like Wallace Wattles would say. So, thank you!!

First of all, let me start with with the fact that the content of the book, in my opinion, actually matches the title. 

For those of you who want to get rich, it gives you a step by step to make it happen no matter where you are, covering all the elements you need to focus on. Here are the main ones:

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What is all about

OK the time has come to launch my new baby into the world. I enjoyed my early retirement for almost a year now, time to give back. :)

I am supporting people who are like me a few years ago, professionals who want more in life. More freedom, more meaning and fulfillment, more fun, you name it. If you are successful and generally good at what you do but reached a plateau and are ready for the next thing, you know you are destined for something bigger than you are currently doing, and are finally READY to take it on, I might be able to help, to design what that NEXT for you is and get started on it.

Check out my new site, click around, read blog posts, read about who I work with and what I do, take assessment to help you see where to start. And if after all you feel we might be a fit to work together on your next move, contact me and let's have a chat to explore that! :)

I like to discover what really lights people up, and then marry that with practicality. Design a business that you love to do and actually creates value that people are ready to pay for, so you are good financially. Restructure what you are doing to bring you more fulfillment. Or create financial freedom so you don't HAVE TO do anything EVER, only the things you love to do and choose to do. Want to explore a non-traditional lifestyle, that doesn't fit in the box? I am your gal!

Why complaining is ineffective and what to do instead

There are things that we perceive as "problems" in the world. The circumstances that we wish were different. Something that we don't see fair. That we want to change.

I understand, some people think that highlighting the negative and showing what's bad about it is a good and necessary thing when they are touched deeply by something.

But I am here to disagree, that it's actually good. And here is why...

Blind spots, conflicting commitments and belief rewiring

There is a very interesting source of self-sabotage. The one that is harder to detect. Very often we might think we are committed and consciously we are, but life proves us otherwise. If you feel any push and pull around your goal (even the goal of "creating clarity about the next goal") like part of you wants to figure it out, but there is some inner resistance or flat out no results even if you take a lot of actions. The reason might be conflicting commitments.

Feeling disempowered is a clue...

It’s a clue that you are not being true to who you are.

If we allow fears to control us, we feel weak. If we face what is, from the state of empowerment, that’s when everything changes. Every time I feel disempowering feeling, I know it’s not true, and whatever fear pictures in my head will not happen. And if it does, I can deal with it.

When you are ready to face the perceived consequences doing what's right, claim who you are and what you are up to, then all these negative draining situations loose their power and disappear from your life one by one.