4 ways to increase abundance in your life

A few days ago I attended a teleconference call with Lisa Kalmin from www.worldworkstrainings.com

It was about abundance. What creates it, what blocks it, and how to make it flow again...


What is abundance? Have what you want when you want it. As Bashar also said: "Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it."

So abundance doesn't just include money, it's everything: money, time, love etc.

To have enough, plentiful supply...

Below is the summary of what I took out of the call, sharing here as I thought it might be helpful for others.

One main thing I got reminded at this call was that abundance requires a cycle: outflow/giving and inflow/receiving. Receiving is different from taking, it's simply allowing the flow in (meaning graciously receiving what other people give to you, not deflecting compliments etc..).

When abundance is not flowing, either giving or receiving or both might be blocked.

There are 4 actions you can take to increase the flow of abundance in your life:

    1. Outflow
    2. Appreciation and gratitude
    3. Letting go
    4. Affirming and visioning


    ACTION:  Find 3 different ways to outflow where you are not currently outflowing, and practice it.

    Outflow and giving may be in different forms: you may give away care, love, your time, money, etc….

    The exercise here is to find 3 ways how you are not currently outflowing and do that. If you are usually very good with giving people compliments, maybe you can try on giving care in other ways. If you are all giving in words but not money, maybe take that on, i.e. treat a friend to dinner just because etc.

    Receiving is part of the outflow cycle. If you notice yourself rejecting people's help, deflecting compliments, your 3 ways might include some shifts in those areas.


    ACTION: Appreciate 3 people who you are usually not appreciating. Tell them, appreciate for who they are.

    Not just appreciate internally as gratitude within your own head, but actually tell people around you what you appreciate about them. Appreciate people for just for not what they give you or what they do, but for WHO THEY ARE in the world, who they are for you, the impact they have in your life.

    Letting go / clearing / completion:

    ACTION: Make a list of things to complete in all areas of your life. Define WHAT you complete, HOW and BY WHEN. And then do it.

    Find out what's incomplete in 3 areas of your life: Finances, Relationships, Accomplishments (goals).

    What's taking up space in your head that's incomplete in each of those areas? What's the stuff you keep thinking about. Make the list of those things. And then identify how to bring them to completion, to close the loop. Some of them you can do something about, while others you just choose to let go (like certain goals that you haven't accomplished and now don't feel called to any more)? Completions opens up the space and allows the flow.


    ACTION: Write out a vision for a year from now. Create a vision, live into that possibility.

    When you focus on your vision and bring it forth, you are the source of your reality and not just a reactor and reporter to your current circumstances and what already happened.

    The analogy that I loved:

    Be a thermostat, not a thermometer. Set the temperature, not just measure it.

    Following these 4 actions help create the flow and the space for abundance.


    Worldworks offer their next Abundance and Prosperity 2 day workshop November 18 and 19 in Orange County. I took it years ago and highly recommend it!

    Details here: https://worldworkstrainings.com/trainings/the-abundance-and-prosperity-training/