Join me for Digital Footprint in LA October 26-29. I will be speaking!

I am honored to be speaking at Digital Footprint conference in LA October 27-29.

This is an amazing event about digital marketing, online businesses, and everything related to it.

I spoke at Digital Footprint in Atlanta in April this year and I loved it! Besides an experience of speaking on stage and sharing my story about how I retired at 33, which was incredible, I LOVED the people I met there! Both speakers and attendees. Most everyone I met I totally resonated with. Most people were successful entrepreneurs doing what they love and making good money doing it.

After me creating financial freedom and quitting my job a year ago, I realized many of my friends were in corporate world. And to go where I was heading, I realized I might need new friends who will be lined up with my life vision. I had no idea where I would meet such people. And when I was at Digital Footprint, I was pleasantly surprised I was surrounded by them!

I also realized, for my tribe couple things are important, it cannot be one or the other:

  • They gotta have full responsibility about their life experience, be committed to their spiritual path, personal development and always growing and bettering themselves, growing their self awareness 
  • They have to be living their purpose in real life, really going for it and making a difference in the world and not just in their minds.

So, conscious entrepreneurs sum it up! And Digital Footprint was full of such people! Incredible! So I am super excited to be back, at their LA event now! 

Join me for Digital Footprint in LA October 26-29 if you'd like to learn more about online marketing, listen to amazing inspiring and practical speakers who live what they preach, meet great positive successful people and have fun! PM me for a promo code to get the ticket for nearly free.

Here is my speech from Atlanta: