What TurningPoint.pro is all about

OK the time has come to launch my new baby into the world. I enjoyed my early retirement for almost a year now, time to give back. :)


I am supporting people who are like me a few years ago, professionals who want more in life. More freedom, more meaning and fulfillment, more fun, you name it. If you are successful and generally good at what you do but reached a plateau and are ready for the next thing, you know you are destined for something bigger than you are currently doing, and are finally READY to take it on, I might be able to help, to design what that NEXT for you is and get started on it.

Check out my new site, click around, read blog posts, read about who I work with and what I do, take assessment to help you see where to start. And if after all you feel we might be a fit to work together on your next move, contact me and let's have a chat to explore that! :)

I am not for everybody.

I like to discover what really lights people up, and then marry that with practicality. Design a business that you love to do and actually creates value that people are ready to pay for, so you are good financially. Restructure what you are doing to bring you more fulfillment. Or create financial freedom so you don't HAVE TO do anything EVER, only the things you love to do and choose to do. Want to explore a non-traditional lifestyle, that doesn't fit in the box? I am your gal!

If you want your life just a little bit different but are not ready to dive deep into the core of who you are, if you want to set an intention and then sit on the couch and do nothing and wait for an inspiration or until things come to you, if you just want more money, more things, etc., if you having trouble taking action, use excuses regularly and let discomfort and fear of unknown stop you, I may not be for you.

I value effectiveness, no bullshit, true authenticity and aligned action. I believe in law of attraction, but only when it's combined with taking action and doing your part. I believe we all have a gift and often more than one, but unfortunately only few dare to discover and live it fully, many more just settle for safe and comfortable life. And way too many of us feel like we need to choose between doing what we love and making money. I don't believe in that. I truly know there is a way to have both, do what you love and get paid for it, it's just a matter of designing the business model smartly around your strengths and passions and what people are value and are ready to pay for.

I like to get in, define where you are, where you want to be, make sure that destination is aligned with your deepest part of you and not just a surface level logical goal, and then define the most effective way for you to get there. If I feel like us working together on that will serve you, I will offer that. If I feel like other people or resources will be better, I will let you know as well. I only want to work with people I am MEANT TO work with, the ones I feel I can most effectively help, when after our conversation and exploration we both feel "Hell yes, I want to work with you". :) My main passion is to support people who want to create a change and are ready to do whatever it takes to help them find the right path to do so, whether I am involved in that path or not. I love seeing people really going for what they want and will encourage and support it in any way that feels right.

I am very excited to attract people who I am meant to help. With my combined skills of an analyst, a project manager and a coach and a magical sprinkle of intuition, with my life experiences of moving to a different country, being an employee, a consultant, a business owner and then retiring at 33, and most importantly with me over the years FEELING STUCK in all sort of places and then BREAKING THROUGH to the other side, I know for the right people I can be the best support. The ones who are smart, talented, who have no problem taking action, and just feel stuck or stale somewhere. When they just need to discover some blind spots and define the next direction, deal with whatever is stopping them internally or externally and off to the races they go. My recent client that I had a VIP day with said in the first two hours of our day we resolved things he was struggling with for 20 years, and many coaches weren't able to help. I know with the right people we can create magic together, and then in them stepping into their "meant-to-be" fully, it ripples out into the world.

Do you feel that might be you? Take assessment and let's chat!

And if you have someone in your life who fits this description, please send them to turningpoint.pro.