Stuck in defining the next goal? Clarity and commitment can be a catch 22.

You feel like once you know the goal, you can then commit to it, but until you have the clarity about what the goal is you can't. But catch 22 is that for anything (including clarity) to manifest, commitment and decision comes first. You can only get clarity when you fully commit to getting that clarity. If you wait for the clarity before you commit it may never happen.


Claim what you are up to

We’ve been conditioned to ask, vs claim and commit.

If you are asking you are not directing.

When we are directing and claiming, decide "I am doing this",  even when we don’t know the how, it’s almost irrelevant if we know the how. Because when we commit and claim, things move and things happen and people show up. They only don’t move when we don’t claim, and we take a bunch of actions, but they are irrelevant if we don’t have that level of commitment and claim and decision.