When I was going through transitions in my life, I wish I had a guide to identify all my strength and my weak spots, give me clarity on what's next, define the goals that will be fulfilling and worthwhile, and provide me with tools and skills to get to that next level with ease.

I created two free resources to support those of you who are ready for a change in your life:

  • Freedom Quiz: it's an interactive quiz that helps you identify where you currently are with the level of freedom in your life. It covers 9 freedoms. To learn more, click here.
  • 101 Turning Point assessment: to support whose of you who are at a turning point to give you the birds eye view at where you are, where you are going and identify all you need to get there if the easiest and most effective and enjoyable way possible. Assessment check-list is designed give you the understanding which areas you got already covered and what are the ones you might need to give more attention to, and what kind of support you might need and want in the process. To take the assessment, click here.

These resources are fully complimentary as my way of giving back and supporting as many of people as possible without my direct time involvement.

You can do it at the comfort of your own home, at any time that fits you.

If after filling out the assessment and/or the quiz you want to take further action and would like to explore the possibility of us working together 1:1 or in a group setting, I offer complimentary 30 min consultation to see if we are a fit and if I can best support you. No strings attached. 

The purpose of this call is to define what would be the result you want to achieve that will be valuable for you at your turning point and will worth your time and $ investment, to check if/how I can support you with getting there, and see if we are a fit and both are a "hell yes" to work together to create that outcome for you! If we both feel a "YES" to work together, awesome! If it's a "NO", my intention is to still provide you value in that call, get your more clarity, refer you to other people and resources when appropriate, and give you a clear understanding of what I do and how I work so you can send people my way that you think might be a fit.