I was smart but I couldn’t figure it out

I spent 10 years seeking fulfillment. Workshop after workshop, book after book, class after class and coach after coach and I got some glimpses but no one could help me get it. What annoyed me is that I was smart but I couldn’t figure it out, I got help and I couldn’t figure it out, so that was frustrating.

What frustrated me about some trainings and coaches and workshops is that they promised me that outcome in a day, 3 days, or a year, and I would do everything and I would still not have it.

I started losing hope that I will ever get it. Even people who are respected in the field, super smart and super effective were still not giving me the clarity that I was looking for.... 

Where it all began

I was born in Russia and grew up in the outskirts of Moscow, moving to Moscow during college years. After finishing my Master's in Computer science in 2006 I followed my dream and moved to US, to Seattle.

Having worked in IT as a systems analyst, business analyst and a project manager for over a decade, I always felt there should be more to life than 9/5 job and retiring at 60. When I achieved the goal of becoming a PM and moving to US I felt stuck: I for more than a year I couldn't define the next goal that would be of any interest or meaning to me. It was painful not to be able to discover it, and not knowing what I could do to figure it out. I read all the books I could find on the topic, talked to my friends, and finally through a friend recommendation attended a transformational workshop, that gave me lots of clarity. Not full clarity about my next project yet, but some hope and general direction. Throughout the years since then a lot of other transformational and business workshops, got educated and certified as a life coach, Reiki practitioner, Accelerated Evolution coach etc. and ended up having a coaching practice for a few years on an off on the side.

After reading "4 hour work week" by Tim Ferris few years back I knew that freedom lifestyle is way better fit for my personality. I had the desire to achieve it for many years after reading the book, but only in December 2014 I made a commitment to myself to "retire" (aka achieve financial freedom) within two years, having no idea how I would do it at a time. Within these two years through saving and investing in real estate and income producing websites I achieved my goal of creating passive income enough to support my comfortable lifestyle. I quit my consulting career in October 2016, couple months ahead of my goal deadline (I always was an overachiever hehe) . 

Since retiring I have traveled in Europe and Russia, lived in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for a few months re-setting after a rat race of corporate life into a slower and more enjoyable pace of life, enjoying beach and sun, fasting for a month and preparing for what's next.

I had the honor of sharing my story on stage at "Digital Footprint" conference in Atlanta in April 2017. You can check out the video here.


I've had quite a few turning points in my life:

  • moving from Russia to US, all by myself, at the age of 23
  • transitioning from one job to another (for the first time in this country), then doing it a few more times
  • transitioning from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur (consulting, coaching, investing, and teaching kizomba, my favorite dance ever)
  • creating early retirement/freedom lifestyle at the age of 33
  • and finally while retired and living the life of freedom, stepping into my "meant-to-be" lifestyle of fulfilling contribution

Some of these transitions were uncomfortable, scary, slow, lonely, and with some resistance. Others were easy, exciting, smooth and fun. Some of them I faced all by myself, and during others I had proper support. 

I have learned a lot through my journey about what makes effective successful transitions and what makes it hard. I now have tools to find what creates fulfillment in life, for me and others. I am now supporting successful professionals that want more in life to uplevel their life and effectively face their turning point. Whether it is upgrading a job to a more fulfilling one, shifting from a job to becoming an entrepreneur or creating financial freedom, it's unique for everyone. As a PMP certified project manager, and PCC certified coach, I get you covered on all levels and assure your transition is properly planned and effectively executed and has as much ease and flow as possible, and you are properly supported throughout.

If you feel you are at a turning point in your life, you are ready for it and want to most effectively define your next direction, ensure it will be more fulfilling one and smoothly transition to it, fill in complimentary "101 Turning Point check-list" and let's talk!